Betrayed AGAIN By Kisaki? – Tokyo Revengers S2 Ep 6 & 7 Review

Kisaki betrays Takemichi and Chifuyu yet again and walks away into the night laughing with Hanma. Mitsuya shows up to fight Taiju on Hakkai’s behalf.

Kisaki continues to plot against Takemichi and Chifuyu in the past. Honestly, I don’t see how Takemichi fell for it twice seeing as how Kisaki almost just killed him in their current future timeline.

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Sometimes, Tokyo Revengers is comedy. I am watching a middle schooler with the consciousness of a 26-year-old man being beaten to a pulp in a church by a wannabe Tekken reject on Christmas morning.

Why Did Kisaki Help Takemichi Stop Hakkai?

In an event that almost anybody could have seen coming, Kisaki has betrayed Takemichi and Chifuyu yet again. Takemichi just came from a timeline where Kisaki spiked their drinks, tied them up, and beat them before ultimately killing his partner Chifuyu – and yet Kisaki fools Takemitchy once again.

Kisaki went through the trouble of making an elaborate plan to save Hakkai and help Takemichi and Chifuyu just to betray them on Christmas
Kisaki went through the trouble of making an elaborate plan to save Hakkai and help Takemichi and Chifuyu just to betray them on Christmas

Last review I wondered if Kisaki is some sort of evil genius mastermind who keeps outsmarting the gang members around him and now I largely believe everybody else is just dumb as rocks. Keisuke Baji was smart – and Keisuke Baji is now dead. Draken is smart, and in almost every timeline he is eventually outplayed by Kisaki and his influence is taken out of Toman.

That leaves us with Mikey, who goes insane each time he loses someone close to him and disappears into the darkness. Oh I forgot, Mitsuya is pretty swift on the uptake and he winds up missing in other timelines. So basically, all Kisaki needed to do was get Baji, Mitsuya, and Draken out of the way and Mikey would either leave Toman or bend to Kisaki’s will all on his own.

Chifuyu only respected Baji so he would be neutralized once Baji was eliminated. Mitsuya can be used along with Yuzuha to control Hakkai, and Draken only supported Mikey as his “heart”.

Kisaki helped Takemichi “stop Hakkai” because it played right into his original plan of letting Yuzuha kill Taiju to fracture Black Dragon’s influence and further empower his control over Mikey.

I’m glad Chifuyu had enough sense to call Mitsuya and let him know the situation so that it wouldn’t be an all-out gang war since the truce was about to be broken. It’s funny, I vaguely remember Hina being the only one smart enough in season one to call an ambulance when Draken was stabbed during that fight against Moebius.

Now, Chifuyu was the only one smart enough to call for backup since things went south and Taiju had called Inupi and Koko. Chifuyu – not the 26-year-old time-traveling man Takemichi, who instead panicked and cried like a baby before regaining composure.

Why Is Hakkai Afraid of Taiju?

Hakkai is a wimp and doesn’t really deserve Mitsuya’s understanding or protection.

Hakkai is an absolute wimp when it comes time to face his brother, Taiju
Hakkai is an absolute wimp when it comes time to face his brother, Taiju

Again, I read (and forgot) most points from this manga arc but as I watch it comes back to me and my initial opinion of Hakkai stands. Mitsuya, Chifuyu, Yuzuha, and Takemichi are all putting their life on the line to help and protect Hakkai, and he can’t even lift a finger against his bully older brother Taiju.

All of what’s transpired in the church on Christmas Eve was for Hakkai’s sake – and Hakkai seems incredibly ungrateful to what’s going on around him.

Hakkai is only afraid of Taiju because he knows how weak his brother really is. That is why Taiju said it’s “always a show” with Hakkai because his little brother does nothing but lie and put on a false bravado that paints him as the bad guy.

Sure, Taiju is a pretty bad dude but Hakkai is not only a habitual liar but a coward who would rather see his sister Yuzuha die than let his secret cowardice be exposed.

Which makes Hakkai utter trash in my book as far as characters go.

Yuzuha Killed Taiju In The Future Timeline

Yuzuha stabs Taiju to protect Hakkai
Yuzuha stabs Taiju to protect Hakkai

Kisaki was able to successfully manipulate the existing tension between the Shiba siblings to his benefit and encouraged Yuzuha to kill Taiju in the current future timeline. Because Takemichi screamed when Yuzuha showed up, Taiju moved slightly and that is why the knife didn’t completely penetrate his internal organs.

So Takemichi did change the future albeit only slightly regarding this fight so far. We don’t know if Mitsuya originally showed up and lied for Hakkai, and we don’t exactly know why Hakkai became the way he did in the future timeline.

Was it money? The influence of power?

Who knows.

Either way, I think I’ll wrap this review up here.

But, tell me your thoughts.

Wow, Inupi really hit Mitsuya with that Mikey Junkyard special, huh?
Wow, Inupi really hit Mitsuya with that Mikey Junkyard special, huh?

Do you respect Hakkai as a character after watching this episode?

Would Yuzuha make a better gang member than Hakkai?


Did Takemichi show an incredible amount of strength after thinking about Hina during his fight?

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