Toman’s Christmas Showdown – Tokyo Revengers S2 Ep 8 & 9 Review

Mikey shows up to the fight against Black Dragon talking about ghosts. Takemichi is rewarded for his rousing talk no jutsu that motivated the gang.

Mikey and Draken show up to settle the dispute between Toman and Black Dragon. The delinquents had an awfully eventful Christmas, huh?

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Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 8 Review

The episode where Takemichi becomes Tankamitchy and brings Black Dragon gang leader Taiju to his knees is here!

What Did Taiju Do To His Siblings?

Yuzuha is the one who has suffered the most out of the Shiba siblings
Yuzuha is the one who has suffered the most out of the Shiba siblings

Hakkai finally comes clean to his friends in Toman and lets them know that he’s been lying the entire time: Taiju stopped beating Hakkai in exchange for Yuzuha taking double beatings.

Hakkai is trash not only for lying about that to everybody, but being so weak that he couldn’t even protect his older sister. I understand people process grief and trauma differently and that’s okay – but it’s not okay for that fear to grow to the point where an entire gang war could have erupted based on Hakkai’s lies.

So many misunderstandings could be averted if Hakkai had just told the truth from the beginning.

Taiju was in no way, shape, or form right for continually beating his siblings and making them miserable – but Hakkai wasn’t right either for simply allowing Yuzuha to shoulder the burden alone.

Why Did Yuzuha Stab Taiju?

Yuzuha stabbed her older brother Taiju to protect their little brother, Hakkai from his wrath.

When Yuzuha was little, their mother was sick and dying from an unspecified illness. Their mother brought up their father, to which Yuzuha mentioned that she doesn’t know him well since he’s never around. After their mother died, Taiju started beating his younger siblings and most likely got more involved in gang life to earn money to take care of them.

Yuzuha promised her mother that she would protect their family, so Yuzuha was only doing what she felt was right by stabbing Taiju in the future timeline. With Taiju out of the way, Hakkai most likely took over Black Dragon operations to continue funding their lifestyle and Yuzuha no longer had to be beaten each day.

It’s really a sad situation all around.

I’m not sticking up for Taiju abusing his siblings, but given what Mitsuya said – maybe Taiju was just tired and frustrated at having to take care of his younger siblings at such a young age.

Their father seemingly abandoned them and Taiju still being a child himself most likely got heavy into the gang stuff in order to provide for his family. It doesn’t make it right, but I can kind of see why Taiju did the things he did.

Maybe he thought ‘disciplining’ his siblings to be ‘tough’ would better prepare them for life.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 9 Review

Toman celebrate their victory in defeating Taiju and Black Dragon
Toman celebrate their victory in defeating Taiju and Black Dragon

Toman Defeats Black Dragon

Ah well, all’s well that ends well, right?

Mikey Sano showed up to save the day and for a minute, everybody thought he was crazy. I remember reading this part in the manga and half-thinking that Mikey wasn’t joking at all, and that he really does see Baji and Shinichiro riding with him.

Given the way Mikey turns out in each timeline and the ‘impulses’ that influence his behavior, I legitimately think he just turned it around at the end by saying the bike and omamori are representative of Shinichiro and Baji. Letting everybody know that he wanted to just ride bikes and hang out was nice in a wholesome, delinquent sort of way.

You know, minus Mikey and Draken’s dead eyes.

If looks could kill, all of Mikey's opponents would already be dead
If looks could kill, all of Mikey’s opponents would already be dead

Or the fact that Draken and Mikey singlehandedly took down 101 members of Black Dragon’s murder squad on Christmas and just rode off afterward, leaving their unconscious bodies in the cold snow. 

I know the Toman gang smiling and celebrating their success to a happy-go-lucky OST playing in the background is supposed to be a triumphant moment, but it’s actually kind of sad.

Then again, that’s probably the point.

This is just a gang of kids who come from broken homes with no ambition in life banding together out of necessity for their survival. It’s nice Hakkai decided killing Taiju was too much and great that Yuzuha basically told Taiju to shape up.

In the end, all you can do is try, right?

Anyway, tell me your thoughts –

Yuzuha visiting her mother's grave as a child and her backstory in general was pretty sad to watch
Yuzuha visiting her mother’s grave as a child and her backstory in general was pretty sad to watch

Do you think Mikey is really seeing ghosts?

Will Taiju turn his behavior around after a beatdown from Mikey?


Did Hakkai really do anything in the fight against his older brother?

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