An Unexpected Reunion- Vinland Saga S2 Ep 13 Review

Sverkel falls in the field and is reminded of his deteriorating health. Arnheid is reunited with her long-lost husband Gardar on Ketil’s Farm.

The absolute last thing I expected was for the runaway slave who killed his master to be Arnheid’s husband.

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Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 13 Review

We got flashes of Arnheid’s life before becoming a slave in the new opening but I didn’t expect her backstory to come up so quickly. I guess it makes sense though, since Ketil, Olmar, and Thorgil are currently in a boat on their way back to the farm. Canute is also traveling to the farm with the Jomsviking, so her backstory would have to be now or never.

Arnheid Is Reunited With Gardar

Gardar finds his wife Arnheid on Ketil's Farm
Gardar finds his wife Arnheid on Ketil’s Farm

I had no clue that Arnheid’s husband was still alive, or that she was even married. I use MAL to refer to character names when I make these reviews so I already saw that she had a husband and child in the past, but I didn’t know the husband was still alive.

I wonder what happened that both of them ended up being sold into slavery?

Arnheid’s been forced to be Ketil’s sex slave and suffer his lawful wife’s abuse, while Gardar was suffering some degree of abuse and humiliation on Kjallakr’s Farm. I don’t think he’s a monster though, like the retainer who delivered the message to Snake about his escape was insinuating.

Gardar could have killed (was looked to be) the master’s wife and child – but he didn’t. I guess he had a soft spot in his heart for their situation, and instead just left them to watch their home burn.

I wonder how this is going to work out now.

Einar will soon realize that Arnheid has someone to return home to (in a sense) and that he no longer has (another) reason to stay on Ketil’s farm. I don’t think Arnheid is going to remain on the farm and the first thing Gardar did after escaping was look for his wife…I somehow don’t see either one of them making it out of this season alive.

Especially with war quickly approaching the farm…I just can’t see Arnheid and Gardar getting a happy ending. Which is a shame, because Arnheid seems like such a nice woman who shouldn’t be going through what she’s had to endure.

I like Sverkel and all, but I doubt Arnheid wants ragged hands from washing an old man’s pissy clothing.

Does Ketil’s Farm Have A Future?

The old master Sverkel might be dying and Ketil has been marked for destruction by Canute. Olmar is currently an emotional wreck and Thorgil might die in the battle against the Jomsviking forces.

Canute is pulling up with 102 forces I believe, and Snake had mentioned before that it was only 13 of them working as retainers on the farm. They are down one person now that Lizard died. Sure, Thorfinn has the strength of 20 men and Einar is a tank who can take a few punches, but that is not nearly enough to even counter the forces showing up.

Olmar can’t fight, Ketil is a wimp, and Leif and Bug Eyes are not fighters. Really, Thorgil, Snake, and Thorfinn are the only viable warriors who could possibly defend the farm, and even then, they would still be in trouble.

In a world filled with war and slavery, Ketil’s Farm was kind of like a safe haven from all of that. I know the retainers are trash and the farm hands are petty, but Thorfinn and Einar had a chance to heal on that farm. Thorfinn seems to be discovering religion, and Einar is thinking more about his future.

The work was hard, but Einar and Thorfinn seemed like they were at peace each day. Everything is going to change now, isn’t it?

Arnheid can really cook, huh?
Arnheid can really cook, huh?

What do you think will happen next episode?

Will Arnheid try to leave with her husband?

Will Ketil make it back in time before all of the fighting begins?

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