Just Another Day – Chainsaw Man Ep 11 – 12 Review

Himeno helps Aki one last time from the depths of the Ghost Devil’s prison. Denji defeats Katana Man and ruins his future prospects of having kids.

Public Safety uses the fiends to clean up their yakuza mess. After mourning Himeno, Aki tries to go about his daily routine while living with Power and Denji.

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Chainsaw Man Episode 11 & 12 Review

Hmm. I feel like we were just getting to the good part of the story and all of these past twelve episodes were just a prologue. For the most part, I was mildly disinterested in what was happening onscreen. The Spider-Man reference during the fight scene on the train between Denji and Katana Man was pretty neat, though.

Why Did Ghost Devil Stop Killing Aki?

I think it was during the ending song of the episode that Himeno’s body disappears from the real world that we learn she is trapped inside of Ghost Devil’s body. I’m not sure if one of the terms of her contract was to be imprisoned for all eternity there, but that is most likely why the Ghost Devil stopped attacking Aki.

Himeno’s influence overrode the devil’s will to kill her former love.

The Ghost Devil stops attacking Aki due to Himeno's influence
The Ghost Devil stops attacking Aki due to Himeno’s influence

Just before Aki lost consciousness from the Ghost Devil strangling him, he saw a vision of a flashback where Himeno tried to get him to start smoking. Himeno’s taste in underage boys aside – I’m pretty sure she was able to ‘send’ that memory to Aki through the Ghost Devil’s influence. In the same way the “defeated” Ghost Devil hand revived Denji to finish the Katana Man fight after Himeno’s death.

(Himeno did the same thing with the ghost hand during their fight with the Eternity Devil.)

I would guess that after Aki defeated the Ghost Devil in an “easy revenge” Himeno’s spirit was finally able to move on, along with her physical body transcending to another realm. Or at the very least, somewhere Himeno could hear the requiem of the Katana Man’s balls being shredded into oblivion by Denji and Aki’s sneakers.

What Is Makima’s True Goal?

So clearly, Makima is a villain. I think we can all be in agreement on that matter.

As to what she wants, it’s fairly uncertain. (Also, the porn reference of Makima sitting on a sofa with guys standing around and looking down on her was not lost on me. Unfortunately..)

Clearly, Makima is trying to start a war in the human world.

Makima is clearly trying to cause chaos in the human world
Makima is clearly trying to cause chaos in the human world

She took the eyes of yakuza members’ wives, lovers, and relatives in order to blackmail a crime family for the names of those who have contracts with the Gun Devil. She completely lies to Kishibe about having foreknowledge of the impending attack on the special divisions. I’m even sure she was lying to whomever she was speaking with in the upper echelons of public safety.

And…this is kind of why I said I feel like Chainsaw Man just left us off at the ‘good part’ of the story. I understand we needed to see this prologue of sorts to understand Denji’s situation and who he’s lost along the way, but I am so much more interested in the things now being hinted at in the next season.

Possible Plotlines for Chainsaw Man Season 2?

I guess we'll get more favorable interactions between Denji, Aki, and Power in Chainsaw Man Season 2
I guess we’ll get more favorable interactions between Denji, Aki, and Power in Chainsaw Man Season 2

Kobeni is shady and I find it highly suspicious that Sawatari dies while in Kobeni’s custody.

Sawatari’s nose was bleeding during the Aki vs Ghost Devil fight, and we know that is a hallmark of Makima’s influence. Given that we couldn’t really see Sawatari’s hands right before her death and that Makima can control other people’s bodies to a certain degree, who’s to say Makima didn’t make Sawatari kill herself and then write it off as a contracted suicide?

Pochita is telling Denji not to open a door in a grim alleyway. I don’t even remember there being hints of Denji having a reoccurring dream about Pochita (granted it’s taken me a while to finish this series -) and that would have been an interesting breadcrumb set up in earlier episodes.

Denji, Power, and Aki enjoying a meal while Aki laments his 2-year lifespan while smoking a cigarette his older mentor left him was strangely wholesome, in a screwed-up way. I wish we got an entire episode of the trio just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company, but this isn’t that type of show.

I originally said Chainsaw Man was worth watching and now I’m on the fence about that statement. The story isn’t necessarily bad (nor the animation) but maybe the overall hopeless tone of the narrative just wasn’t for me? I like a good tragedy as much as the next person but at what point is it too much?

How many conversations can we have surrounding characters who talk themselves into a brick wall and have no logic in their actions? Either the world was just set up to be crazy, or maybe it’s a really based commentary on our society.

Either way, I will leave my Chainsaw Man reviews here.

The Angel Devil walks out of the yakuza ambush and watches the sun rise (or set)
The Angel Devil walks out of the yakuza ambush and watches the sun rise (or set)

Thanks to everybody who came through and read my thoughts on this series! I keep hearing the manga is much better, so maybe I’ll try checking that out one day. ☺

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  1. I hear you right there when it comes to hopeless tones in anime being a turnoff. Also, I did a double take when I saw the picture of Makima with the wings and halo to make sure that wasn’t a Haibane Renmei character. Hahaha!

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      1. Good point and I see where you’re coming from. That would be hilarious if that was the case. I swear she looks like an older version of Rakka who has less messier hair and has a sinister edge. You can’t un-see it. Haha!

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