Arnheid’s Backstory – Vinland Saga S2 Ep 14 Review

Arnheid tells Sverkel how she wound up enslaved on Ketil’s farm. Now carrying Ketil’s child, Arnheid is forced to choose between her new and old life.

The more I think about it, the worse I feel for Arnheid and her current situation today. It really is unfair that she has to tolerate and deal with her current dilemma all for want of riches never obtained.

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Arnheid Goes into the Storm

The more I think about it, the worse I feel for Arnheid and her current situation today.

For want of riches and silver, she became a pauper and a sex slave today. Of course, Gardar couldn’t have known things would turn out the way they did. It was a sign of the times that still happens today – try to get an advantage over your obvious competition before they overtake all you hold dear.

In a way, isn’t that like the situation that happened in Thors village back in season one? Where there was a wealthy slave-owner who essentially struck fear into the settlements surrounding him? And since Thors was the only one capable of fighting him head-on, he ignored his intimidating reputation and instead tried to negotiate with him.

As Vinland Saga has told us repeatedly, not everybody is like Thors. Especially even his own son, Thorfinn.

Thors was a man who comes around once every generation, and that is something even Askeladd acknowledged. No, Gardar saw a future for his wife and child that he would never be able to obtain. A simple solution that went horribly wrong by well-intentioned men who ultimately brought about the ruin of their lives, village, and families.

All for the want of silver and the prospect of a better life.

I know I keep saying that, but sometimes it’s funny how something so simple can completely destroy a life.

Arnheid Pregnant with Ketil’s Child

Unfortunately, Arnheid is pregnant with the master Ketil’s child. Judging by her words, it seems Ketil was trying to get the young woman pregnant to further play out his deluded loving-family fantasy he continually projects onto a woman who doesn’t want him.

To make matters worse, the child seems to be the only conflicting motive Arnheid has for staying on the farm. Despite losing Hjalti, I truly believe Arnheid would have walked away from the farm and gone with her husband Gardar had she not fallen pregnant with Ketil’s child.

Which is a shame, because not only is she trapped in a place where she has no freedom, she is forced to carry a man she doesn’t loves child in order to guarantee her safety in an increasingly hostile world.

Unfortunately while searching for more about Arnheid on the wiki I ended up skimming her fate, and this fact ultimately leaves me even more unimpressed with Ketil. But on that note, I think I’ll leave this review here.

Tell me your thoughts – Do you truly feel bad for Arnheid?

Arnheid has been truly put in an awful but not uncommon situation for a woman living in her age
Arnheid has been truly put in an awful but not uncommon situation for a woman living in her age

Would it be best if she left Ketil’s farm altogether – pregnancy and all?

Or, should she stick it out and hope her life and chance at motherhood this time will be better?

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