Weird But True Paranormal Stories

Taking a look back at some true paranormal phenomenon (and creepy people) I’ve had experiences with in the past for Halloween.

So last year, I took the 31 Days of October & 31 Days of Halloween challenge on my blog.

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I had dental work done

Happy Halloween! Day 22 – Day 30. Talking about my recent dental work, ending the 31 Days of October challenge, and what will be on this website going forward into November.

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I wasn’t able to complete the 31 days of October challenge, despite really wanting to.

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Halloween Costumes of Old

Day 21: Customs and Traditions.

This post is going to be on the shorter side, as its main goal is to start a discussion. I’d love to hear all of your thoughts on the subject I am about to write about, and your reasoning behind this phenomenon.

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All the Right Moves – Hoshiai no Sora Episode 2 Review

This is a review of Hoshiai no Sora, or Stars Align episode two. Let’s count this as Day 20: Personal Demons, Part II.

Check out my first impression of this series here!

I’m still not sure if I’ll be doing a full series review on this, but I should at least review episode two – right?

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Day 17, 18, & 19 – A Short Break

Just an update on my life and what I did during my 3 day break. Also talking about an upcoming convention that I will be attending.

Wow, we only have 11 days left in October, huh?

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When You Can’t Move On – Mugen no Juunin Episode 3 Review

This is a review of Blade of the Immortal or Mugen no Juunin episode three. Let’s count this as Day 16: Vengeance and supernatural pacts, part III.

Check out last week’s episode two review here.

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Ymir’s Origin Story Revealed! – Shingeki no Kyojin Ch 122 Review

A young girl named Ymir is chased into the forest by the Eldian king. Falling down a tree, she comes in contact with hallucigenia sparsa – the origin of titans.

This review contains current spoilers for the Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin manga. Chapter 122 specifically.

We are way past where the anime ended in season 3. If you are not up to date with the story, please come back at a later time if you don’t wish to know what Ymir’s Origins are just yet.

I know in my last Attack on Titan Season Three review I mentioned that I wouldn’t be doing any reviews of the manga on the site but…I changed my mind.

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They Followed Us Through the Park

Day 12: Stalking, Surveillance, and other unwanted intrusions.

There is a certain park not but a few towns away from me. It’s quite famous, actually. Each year, the best show out in attire from another era for a day of debauchery.

When I was a kid (I know, here we go again – but seriously) we used to take field trips there each year. The school wasn’t too far from this park, and we would walk single file in a line for what felt like forever until we reached the location. I always had my own lunch, but snacks were brought for kids who didn’t have any.

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