So, after the current anime season ends…

I’ve written this post once before. After re-reading what sounded like the ramblings of a mad woman who jumped from anime to the state of American society in a single paragraph, I trashed it.

So, here’s what I intended to discuss in bullet format:


  • About four years ago a death in the family completely split any ties we shared. Bad things happened, and I’ve generally taken stock of the situation and healed. Now is around the time frame things initially started, and I thought I was over it but subconsciously, I guess I’m not.
  • Because of this, my writing has been off. I’ve hated almost everything I’ve written the past two weeks, hence my late weekly series reviews despite watching the episodes on time and usually writing the post shortly afterward.
  • If I hate my writing, I don’t post – hence the recent upload gaps.
  • I’m also annoyed at my current state of mind and don’t want it to bleed through and effect the writing.


  • I love long form content, and realized it’s my strength. After the current spring 2019 anime season finishes airing, I may not do any more ongoing shows until winter. I don’t watch anime as much as I used to these days anyway, so it’s no loss.
  • I’ve had a chance to see what works and what doesn’t concerning the site and social media.
  • There are site-series I’m going to resume that have done well once the weekly anime episode reviews come to a close.  (Like a follow up to Learning Japanese through Manga!)
  • I’ve been working on interesting supplements to the website, which I hope I can begin this summer. (I’m being intentionally vague, as per usual ☺ )
  • Hopefully, I am able to attend the conventions I have in mind so that I can share the photos and experience with all of you!


All in all, I’m just going through a rough patch but I’m fighting through it! Writing is what makes me happy, and I shouldn’t let sad things from the past get me down. Besides, the future is looking so inviting…and I’m beyond ready to move on. ☺

Thank you all for your patience, and there will be a variety of content returning back to the site in about a month!

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I write in my personal time and I haven't published much at all. I don't know if that qualifies me as a writer or not, but I'd like to change that. I have a deep passion for travel, cinema and (mainly) East Asian things, but I plan on writing various things to keep it spicy. Let's prosper together ~ よろしくおねがいします。

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