Takemichi Reveals Time Leap – Tokyo Revengers S2 Ep 2 & 3 Review

Takemichi travels back in time 12 years to prevent Black Dragon from joining with Toman in the Future. Takemichi tells Chifuyu about time leap.

Takemichi finally told Chifuyu about his time leap ability! I’ve been waiting to see this scene animated since I first read the manga.

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I think I mentioned somewhere (either in my reviews for Tokyo Revengers season one or in my previous episode review) that I read the manga for the next three arcs or so. I never read the final arc, although I do know what happens based on spoilers from my Twitter timeline during that time period.

Which doesn’t really bother me, but my point is that I totally forgot some of the things happening in this episode until they actually happened.  Like I was sitting there thinking “hmm why on earth would Mikey allow Hakkai to join Toman if his brother is a Black Dragon?” before remembering a few minutes later the root of the conflict.

Then we have Takemichi absolutely failing to convince Mikey not to kick Hakkai out of the gang and me remembering the true reason why Hakkai wants to quit and wondering if it’s really such a bad idea. Sure, Takemichi actually puts two and two together swiftly for a change and realizes Hakkai wants to join with Black Dragon to murder his brother Taiju, but remembering the actual reason made me opposed to Takemitchy’s objections.

Tokyo Manji Gang Origins Explained

We get some backstory from Chifuyu on how Toman was actually formed. Mikey and the other original members formed the Tokyo Manji Gang in retaliation for the gang’s number one problem child Kazutora getting beat up by the Black Dragons.

Based on the combined fighting prowess of their group, Toman made a name for themselves and quickly grew to fame. The defeat of Kanto’s top gang, Black Dragon’s 9th generation – spurned enough of an opening for somebody like Shiba Taiju to fill the power vacuum.

An abusive and cruel brother at home, Taiju brought this type of energy to his “Murder Squad” and took contracts for hire as a controlled militant.

The Shiba Siblings

I actually liked our first introduction to siblings Hakkai and Yuzuha.

Shiba siblings Yuzuha and Hakkai's older brother is the tyrant leader of Black Dragon
Shiba siblings Yuzuha and Hakkai’s older brother is the tyrant leader of Black Dragon

Takemitchy getting jealous at Hina admiring Hakkai’s bowling skills, while Hakkai being a complete dork and oblivious to the attention was a nice setup for his personality. Yuzuha saying that her brother clams up around girls other than her and Hakkai’s defense of Takemitchy before their brother showed up made it abundantly clear that Hakkai is afraid of Taiju.

This allows room for a natural progression of Hakkai being afraid of, and then overcoming his brother Taiju before being corrupted by greed in the current anime timeline. As I was just writing this, I remembered the twist in the story and now I’m excited to see that bit animated.

(Given that I’m so far behind on these reviews, the scene for this reveal may already have aired,)

Takemichi Tells Chifuyu About Time Travel

Matsuno Chifuyu is literally Takemitchy's partner in crime and time
Matsuno Chifuyu is literally Takemitchy’s partner in crime and time

Finally, one of the main scenes I had been waiting for – Takemichi finally confides in Chifuyu about being able to time travel!

Chifuyu is Takemitchy’s partner for a reason – he trusts him unconditionally.

Given the revelation of Chifuyu trying to take down Kisaki in secret while Takemichi was too busy being a scumbag makes it hurt even more that Chifuyu died for Takemichi to buy him more time. Chifuyu had so much faith in Takemichi that he wouldn’t give up on him or any of their other friends that he sacrificed his life – enabling Takemichi to time leap back to the moment he tells his “partner” the truth.

Everybody in Toman seems to have somebody they are especially close to, which is why the division captains and vice-captain relationships work so well. Draken is willing to die for Mikey (and has), Hakkai is willing to sacrifice everything to protect Mitsuya, and Chifuyu doesn’t mind putting his life on the line for Takemichi – especially after all Takemichi did to save Baji.

I feel like I’m starting to ramble at this point, so I think I’ll leave it here.

But, tell me your thoughts.

You ever notice how time leaper Takemichi kind of forgot about his old crew? Unless it's convenient to the plot, he instead hangs out with the original Toman members
You ever notice how time leaper Takemichi kind of forgot about his old crew? Unless it’s convenient to the plot, he instead hangs out with the original Toman members

Do you think Inui and Kokonoi will be a problem when taking on Black Dragon?

Is it weird that nobody knew Hakkai’s brother was the leader of Toman’s mortal enemy?


Is Hina actually braver than Takemichi? (This is the second time she’s physically stepped in front of Takemitchy to protect him from another guy – the first was Mikey in Season one.)

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