The Worst Timeline? –  Tokyo Revengers S2 Ep 1 Review

Takemichi arrives in a timeline where Mikey is paranoid and eliminating the founding Toman members. Naoto helps Takemichi travel back to save Hina from himself.

Alrighty, we’re back with another season of Tokyo Revengers!

(And thankfully, I remember most of what happened!)

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So, I mentioned this during my Tokyo Revengers season one episode reviews but since it’s been about a year as a reminder, I already read the manga.

I skipped around between arcs and already know how the series ends since I purposefully found spoilers to make sure watching this season would be worth my time. The Christmas Showdown should fully cover the Black Dragons arc which I already read.

I don’t completely remember everything that happened so it somewhat feels like I’m watching this for the first time as an anime-only.

Who Saved Takemichi From Getting Shot?

Chifuyu picks Kazutora up from jail and the two plan to reform Toman
Chifuyu picks Kazutora up from jail and the two plan to reform Toman

Just before Kisaki pulled the trigger, Kazutora shuts the lights off and carried Takemichi to safety outside of the building. Approximately two minutes later Kazutora proceeds to start wailing on Takemichi for letting Toman go to hell during his 12-year incarceration.

At the five-minute mark is when Takemitchy begins crying for the first time during season 2 – so we’re off to a great start.

How Did Takemichi Survive Getting Shot?

Barely 5 minutes into the episode and Takemichi already started crying. I think in total he's cried 3 times during this episode
Barely 5 minutes into the episode and Takemichi already started crying. I think in total he’s cried 3 times during this episode

Kazutora administered first aid to Takemichi’s wound and the latter woke up after an unspecified amount of time had passed. Seeing as how Kazutora’s real goal was to save Chifuyu before Kisaki’s attempted murder, it must really sting that Kazutora saved who he believes to be a scumbag in their current timeline.

Scumbag Takemitchy

Is it just me, or was the animation style wildly different than last season?

I vaguely remember before that the Automitchy of the future at least still resembled his current time-traveling iteration – but the dude we saw on Chifuyu’s tapes looked nothing like Takemichi. I mean even down to the hair and eyes are completely different.

Anywho, this season seems to be focusing on Mikey going rogue and killing the original founding Toman members.

Mitsuya had recently been lured away, while Pah Chin and Peh Yan were assassinated at a restaurant. Draken still died on Death Row and Baji died at the junkyard fight during Bloody Halloween. Mikey then orders Kisaki to eliminate Takemichi and Chifuyu – who was getting too close to the truth.

As Naoto retained his memories of the past and current timelines, he linked up with Kazutora and Chifuyu to figure out who killed Hina in the present.

Turns out, scumbag Takemichi was tricked by Kisaki into killing his former first love. Naoto uses the video footage Chifuyu kept hidden to motivate Takemichi to go back 12 years into the past once more and figure out what went wrong.

Last time Takemichi traveled back, he was made First Division Captain of Toman. I don’t remember if that changes or not, but it was nice that he fazed in while on a bowling date with Hina.

Hina keeps dying, and it’s always nice to see her smiling in the past and happy – oblivious of the destined future awaiting her always set in stone.

But, I think I’ll end this episode review here.

Tell me your thoughts.

It's always nice to see Hina alive and smiling in the past
It’s always nice to see Hina alive and smiling in the past

What do you think happens to the Takemichi who is left in the screwed-up future timeline?

Why doesn’t he ever have updated memories like Naoto does?

And…why is there never a way to bring Baji back?

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