The New Eldian Empire – Attack on Titan S4 Ep 12 Review

This is a review of Episode Twelve of Attack on Titan Season 4, the Final Season. Titled “Guides”.

Check out last week’s episode review here

Another great episode! 

Although if I’m honest, I would almost consider this to be filler. 

Mainly because it was just the set up for things to unravel in the worst way for the remainder of the season. 

To summarize, we got: 

Yelena letting her true character slip while speaking to Pixis. 

Armin and Mikasa beginning to give up on Eren. 

Connie being on his nonsense. 

The formation of the Yeagerist faction on Paradis Island. 

Armin’s crush on Annie acknowledged by Hitch. 

The Survey Corps losing their status within the military regime. 

The public turning on the military. 

The Marleyan wine investigation subplot. 

Kiyomi’s divided loyalties being revealed. 

Also, Mikasa says that she is an Eldian and wants to protect her homeland of Paradis Island.  

((Remember that.)) 

Pixis rightfully choosing to just bow down to Eren in order to prevent a civil war of infighting and bloodshed. 

Darius Zackly getting blown the fuck up by his beloved chair.  

(which I still think he was alluding to wanting to use it on Eren in some sort of way…) 

The idea that Annie can hear Hitch, Armin, and other things while in the crystal. 

The setup for the restaurant scene with Gabi, Falco, and Niccolo. 

Pieck on Paradis and the rest of the Marleyan Warriors’ ambush of the island. 

It would have been nice if we ended with Zeke and Levi in the forest of giant trees, but I guess we’ll get that next week. I’m excited to see that, and the scene where Niccolo meets Gabi.  

It was a true highlight in the manga for me, haha. 

I love the look of dread on their faces. It almost makes me happy...if I can say that. Attack on Titan S4 Ep 12
I love the look of dread on their faces. It almost makes me happy…if I can say that. Attack on Titan S4 Ep 12

Anyway, I think this is going to be it for me this week. 

Any more, and I’ll be getting into spoiler territory.  

Sure, I could write a proper episode review for this but…I’m not gonna. ☺ 

See you all next week! 🍷 

What is the Yeagerist ultimate goal? Are they just patriots trying to protect Paradis Island? 

How would the New Eldian Empire even govern itself on Paradis?

Can Eren control his titan form at will now without a full transformation? 

What hidden abilities does the War Hammer Titan have that we don’t know about? 

Yeagerists for the New Eldian Empire united! - Attack on Titan S4 Ep 12
Yeagerists for the New Eldian Empire united! – Attack on Titan S4 Ep 12

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