Chanda Breaks the Simulation Pantheon Ep 3 Review 

A copy of Chanda’s core data breaks free from the Alliance telecoms simulation. Meanwhile, Maddie forces her parents into a digital date night via a video game.

“Emotion is important for creative problem solving.” 

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Maddie Takes Down Logorhythms – Pantheon Ep 2 Review

Maddie and Ellen Kim visit Logorhythms HQ. After receiving help from the deceased Laurie Lowell, Maddie is able to free a portion of her father David’s mind.

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I don’t think it is possible to capture, contain, or force the will of a human mind to become a machine. 

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Ghost in the Machine – Pantheon Ep 1 Review

Logorhythms created a program to upload human minds into a cloud. Two years after her father’s death, Maddie Kim begins receiving messages from a machine ghost.

Wow, what a spicy start to this series! 

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Storytelling is a dying art

This is something I wrote while finishing up my Stars Align final episode review. After much (internal) deliberation, I’ve decided to post it. May the chips fall where they must.

So, it’s been a while.

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Day 5: Arnold Goes to Hell

Day 5: Urban Legends: Haunted trains, phantom locomotives and the like. (Arnold and the Haunted Train)

You know, I used to have a harmonica.

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The Hero’s Journey in Animation – The Dragon Prince S1 Review

This is a review of Netflix’s The Dragon Prince, season one.

I’d been meaning to watch this for a while now. I should have had this review completed back when The Dragon Prince came to AFNYCC, but alas – sometimes the things we intend are just not so.

When I heard that season two would premiere on Netflix February 15th, I knew I had to get at it.

And boy, it did not disappoint.

The Dragon Prince takes place in the far off lands of Xadia, where magic rules within six primordial sources. Or at least, it did until one human eons ago decided to create a new energy source: dark magic. The mage gone rogue is implied to have ruined the natural balance for all, causing the Elven citizens along with other magical folks to split the kingdom.

In the latest schism, the dragon guardian of the border had its heir murdered. As this creature only hatches once every thousand years, the magical kingdom seeks revenge on the human king and his heir – Ezran.

This is where our story begins.

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The Turbulent History of Avatar the Last Airbender’s Fandom

Does the Avatar the Last Airbender fandom have a complicated history with adaptations not heavily supervised under direction of the animated series co-creators?

This article has been updated for 2022.

Although Avatar: the Last Airbender is a much-loved American animated series, it hasn’t always had the smoothest run during its production.

Are chaotic remakes and adaptations an ongoing pattern, or a result of the co-creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino’s influence continually being swept away from the show?

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