Levi vs Beast Titan – Attack on Titan S3 Ep 17 Review

Eren and Armin hatch a plan to defeat the Colossal Titan once and for all – with dire consequences. This is a recap and discussion for Attack on Titan S3 Ep 17.

Check out last week’s Episode 16 Review here.

(I’ve written about minor manga plot spoilers in this review, anime-only watchers beware!)

Wow. This was the manga chapter adaptation I had been waiting for.

Well this, and the infamous basement chapter.

Now that I think about it, this was my favorite episode of the extended season thus far (factoring in the episode we met m’boy Marlo and Hitch).

Hmmm so where to begin…

I really wish we had gotten more time with the character Marlo.

Since he was introduced, I just found it really compelling that he would leave his cushy life with the Military Police in exchange to be on the frontline of humanity.

In a way, he was a direct contrast to what could have been for Jean. It was really important Jean was the one to test him out, as they had similar convictions.

Jean wanted an easy life in the innermost walls, away from any possibility of drying. If his friends (and frenemy Eren) hadn’t guilted him into joining, he would have lived the life Marlo did; utterly clueless, unconcerned with the outside world and never once gazing upon a titan.

Gosh, it’s really a shame he had to die, and moptop got to live. I always find it ironic when the less equipped for survival end up outliving their “betters”, so to speak.

That would have to feel terrible as well, being the only one to live and waking up alone on an active battlefield.

Anyway, I’m glad Zeke is slowly revealing the plot and mysteries surrounding the walls. I honestly cannot wait until the residents of Paradis Island realize who they are, and what war they are fighting in. Or when Zeke and Eren meet for the first time.

Eren and Armin successfully devise a plan to take down Bertholdt's Colossal Titan - but at what cost? Attack on Titan Season 3, Episode 17
Eren and Armin successfully devise a plan to take down Bertholdt’s Colossal Titan – but at what cost? Attack on Titan Season 3, Episode 17

I’m going to end this review here. Next week should be interesting, especially concerning Armin’s storyline.

I’ll only pose one question instead of the usual three today:

Do you honestly hate any of our characters (both the Survey Corp cadets and the mysterious Warriors from a distant land)?

Despite them being on opposing sides, I actually really like all of them a lot. Then again, I read ahead so…I have knowledge of the future! Haha ☺

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