Tahomaru Gets Possessed- Dororo Ep 22 Review

Reviewing Episode 22 of the Dororo 2019 anime!

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Okay, now I am convinced that the demons are simply trolling Lord Daigo and his lands at this point. I’m not sure if my theory was true regarding the twelfth demon eating Hyakkimaru’s eyes from the recent chimera kill, but they were available to be given to Tahomaru this episode. In addition to Hyakkimaru’s remaining limbs going to the siblings Mutsu and Hyogo.

I had no clue those two were actually siblings. Rather, I assumed they were two orphans from the same village who happened to wind up together and formed a pact to survive. Given Hyogo’s sudden character development and protectiveness over his sibling, I guess that was a subtle detail I missed all of this time.

So Tahomaru’s third eye is open, Hyakkimaru is riding a demonic midoro into battle channeling demon energy, and the siblings are on the end card usually reserved for youkai. This cannot be good, can it?

Then we have Oku’s surprising change of heart followed by her short road trip with Dororo that washes them up to a village of despots. Dororo may find inspiration on what to do with the money, and the priest I was sure we were never going to see again is conveniently hanging out asking her of future plans.

Dororo is also feeding the now (arguably) evil pale mare’s foal, which I’m sure will somehow come in to play.

On top of all of this, Hyakkimaru’s Mamma Jukai is making his way into Daigo’s land, whittling at a prosthetic to pass the time.

There is so much being set up for the next episode, and I know the climax to this series will either be: vague, messy, heartbreaking, or a combination of the three.

I am almost positive that by giving Hyakkimaru’s appendages to Tahomaru and his friends, the demons are trying to create discord for the reneged deal. The close up of the statue even seemed like it was smirking towards the ending scene. Mutsu had the vague revelation that the deal could only be satisfied by Daigo and his firstborn, but wouldn’t anyone of the bloodline suffice?

So in theory, if Hyakkimaru kills Tahomaru and takes back his limbs, the demons gain three new souls. When he continues on his vengeful path and kills his father and or mother, that equates to five. If Tahomaru somehow manages to kill his big bro, that is only one measly soul. Hyakkimaru is causing enough chaos as is for the demons to soak up its essence. Why on earth would they still want his lone death when they could acquire so many more?

There is ongoing speculation that Tahomaru may be possessed, and I am starting to believe it. The demons cured their ailments but also took something equally important away – their minds. I know the events surrounding the lordling have been grim, but since when did he make a habit of sitting alone solemnly staring at a wall in the dark?

Where did the bags come from under his eyes, when they were previously not there before their encounter in the Hall of Hell?

Regarding demons, I have read that since they are ethereal beings, they seek the feeling and pleasure associated with human flesh. Meaning, they enjoy the sensations of life and even its suffering because it is something tangible they can attain, rather than watching from afar. In their haste to live, they can rapidly degrade their host to the point that the body exhausts on its own. Or the sheer physical feats not ordinarily possible for the human, but the demon performing these supernatural feats within the human skin – causing the host to perish and completely degrade upon the entity’s exit.

I know I usually throw in a link or two containing related material for you readers to learn more about the topic, but it’s late at night at the time of this writing. Coupled with the fact that I hate writing about these sorts of things, I won’t try to verify this knowledge with outside sources. I am a firm believer that whatever you speak or think about is often drawn toward you, and I am not seeking those particularly bad vibes on this cool spring night.

Sigh…I think I’ll leave this here, as I just remembered Asura failed to eat Hyakkimaru’s head due to Kannon’s influence. If my favboi Tahomaru really is possessed, he ate that brother’s mind while simultaneously devouring his spirit.

It is depressing all around. See you all next week.

Dororo, waiting to save Hyakkimaru next episode...
Dororo, waiting to save Hyakkimaru next episode…

Do you think Tahomaru is possessed? Does Kannon have any influence left in Daigo’s Lands? How do you think the Dororo series will end?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Dororo 2019 episode reviews!

See you back here next Monday for another one!

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