Think of the Marleyans  – Attack on Titan S4 Ep 23 Review 

As freedom looms over the horizon, Armin Arlert takes the Eldian population back 2000 years. This is a review for Attack on Titan the Final Season Episode 82.

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Warning: this review contains manga spoilers.  

Even if we do get an AOE, if you don’t want to know manga spoilers concerning these next few chapters, come back and read this review in a few weeks.

 Man, I am trying to be nice…but King Floch is the only saving grace for me in these past two episodes. 

Because if I can be real, and give you my honest, unadulterated thoughts without the brain dead, virtue-signaling fanatics overtaking me and my personal opinions – I absolutely 100% do not give a damn about Annie. 

I don’t care about Armin. 

I don’t care about Mikasa. 

I don’t care about Gabi. 

I don’t care about Pieck. 

And I definitely do not care about old man Keith Shadis. 

I absolutely have no problems with Reiner or Falco, but at the end of the day…they will remain loyal to Marley. And since I want to see Paradis Island succeed…they have to go. It is as simple as that. 

If you read my SnK manga reviews, you would also know that I don’t really care for Hange or Levi. 

Hange acknowledged the problem Paradis faced, refused to take action, sat on her hands and then deciding to ultimately leave everything to fate – naming Armin commander before committing suicide.  

But, even in the anime, Hange’s death was foreshadowed

Hange points a gun at her own head. Attack on Titan the Final Season Episode 68
Hange points a gun at her own head. Attack on Titan the Final Season Episode 68

At my core I really can’t blame her, but I also can’t condone her actions. 

Correct me if I’m wrong, but was Annie also half-Eldian in the manga canon? And wasn’t Mr. Leonhart not even an Eldian?  

The way the subs read, it made it seem like Mr. Leonhart was a foreigner who happened to have a tiny bit of Eldian blood and wound up in a camp (almost like Udo). 

Like…my brain physically hurts while writing this. 

I didn’t even write last week’s episode review yet – because I can’t believe I’m witnessing the part of the manga where I consider everyone has taken stupid pills is animated and many people (ending defenders, anime-only, etc.) are cheering it on. 

Is it the constant virtue signaling? Is it peer pressure? Or, have people really lost cognitive function in their brain to think for themselves, and express their opinions articulately? 

This is not me shaming, or bashing anybody for their personal beliefs – please, think what you want. Express your own opinions. But for the love of Ymir, stop going along with the crowd if you actually do not agree with the mob rule’s sentiment. 

I firmly believe we are getting an Anime Original Ending, but these chapters that will be adapted leading up to The Alliance of Good Eldian’s formation are painful to watch. 

Aside from last week’s faux pas, now we have Armin actively trying to stop Connie because he doesn’t want to “upset Gabi”. 

Gabi, who shot Sasha. 

Gabi, who bludgeoned an innocent guard to death with a brick. 

Gabi, who tried to murder Kaya. 

Gabi, who is only “playing nice” because she wants to get Falco and leave. 

And I get it, I really do – undoing brainwashing takes time.  

Being a ‘good Eldian’ was Gabi’s whole personality, and like Annie remarks – killing people was how they received praise. They weren’t taught it was wrong – okay, that’s fine. 

But if entire groups of people share the Marleyan warrior ideology – why on earth should Eren save them? 

Karina Braun literally refers to Eren coming as “the Island Devils” attacking.  

In Reiner’s backstory episode, she literally mentions feeling resentment for a perceived slight by the King of the Walls “leaving them behind” on Marley to suffer. 

It hasn’t been revealed yet in the anime, but remember in chapter 123 when even the Marleyans who advocated for Eldians wanted to protect the ones on the continent, but still considered the Eldians on the island enemies? 

Although the Eldians on Paradis and the Eldians around the world share the same blood, they are not the same people anymore. It’s best to just let them go, and focus on the island – which is why Eren is protecting the home that bore and raised him. 

Plus, the volunteers brought over tons of titan serum. 

So… why on earth is Armin focused on winning Falco, Gabi, Pieck, and Reiner over? 

In the manga the entire island was already supporting Eren, and the Yeagerist. 

Eren controlled the island. Yes, people were upset with the rumbling walls killing innocents, and it is sad – but they are essentially safe on the island now. 

So…why on earth would Armin be worried about titan politics when Eldia literally holds all of the cards? 

The Warriors are trapped on an island surrounded by water. What are they going to do, turn into titans and fight the entire population?  

We saw how efficient the Survey Corps is…this isn’t season one anymore. 

Really, what power do the warriors currently have, if Armin, Mikasa, Jean, Connie, Shadis, Hange, and Levi don’t give them any? 

I’m going to wrap this up here, because the stupidity is too much for me to handle. 

Loved the scene of Floch especially mentioning that Eren told him his plan 10 months ago – and Historia is exactly 10 months pregnant – meaning Eren told the two people he trusted in the world – Historia and Floch – his plan over his “real friends” who would not support it either way. 

But, tell me your thoughts? 

Is Armin’s concern over the Warrior’s feelings justified amidst the rumbling? 

And, does Armin’s sentiment toward the Eldians from Marley have anything to do with his feelings for Annie? 

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2 thoughts on “Think of the Marleyans  – Attack on Titan S4 Ep 23 Review ”

  1. I really liked your mikasa is a butterfly goddess theory. And I noticed you spend lots of time reading theories and breakdowns (as well as making your own), researching Attack on Titan’s mythological references & possible connections to real time. However, I feel like since AnR’s “popularity”, you changed your views, which is completely understandable. Same thing happened to me (never liked that historia was linked to eren tho b/c it doesn’t make too much sense, outside the fact that her friends weren’t willing to sacrifice her, her sisters love for her still influencing the founder & eren having her memories from her POV of raising historia) then my faith in the series was restored. I know you’ve already mentioned this in your past blogs, and since your working on another theoretical explanation for Attack on titan, I wanted to share the DOZENS of information iv’e found (maybe you might want to link them?). Its so unreal how many books & characters from different universes (like marvel or simply video games LOL eren quoted spiderman at some point) share similarities, especially with the main characters (eren, armin, & mikasa). Iv’e also came across a variety of theories that may have some truth to them. One of my favorite discoveries was that as of today, armin is better connected to the AnR music video, as well as annie (eren is to, as well as many characters that were paired, but just not on the same level and importance armin). It’s exactly why we have a confession scene between them (A &A). Their relationship wasn’t supposed to be theoretical, or as mysterious as many would claim Eren & Mikasa’s is (we all know it is, but for the right reasons). And even armin’s parents resemble past royals (in real time) who’ve even died a similar way. Any guesses on which royals famously died trying to escape? 🙂 Anyways, Id love for us to have a discussion and sometime in the near future i’d want to make a video breaking down famous theories that have been linked to AnR, which is pretty funny to me. Isayama created an unnecessary shipwar which ended up covering up it’s true meaning which isn’t even too hidden? It probably started because of many viewers bias opinions on their favorite characters (I tend to do the same sometimes) but the key is exploring all characters made to stand out. Aren’t eldians all linked (via paths) anyway?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! ☺ Thank you for your kind words. And yes, I believe I have changed my opinion regarding AnR theories a lot, but hopefully not too much, lol. It was mainly due to re-reading chapters and re-watching past seasons and picking up all of the foreshadowing and symbolism, and then the parallels between the earth devil/Eren and the goddess/Ymir/Historia that really got me.

      Do Armin’s parents really resemble royals who died trying to escape? I remember the hot air balloon thing from Lost Girls/passively mentioned in earlier seasons, but didn’t know something like that really happened. Didn’t Isayama also put the ‘Better Call Saul’ actor in season 4 as a titan? And there was some famous model I believe who served as the basis for Erwin’s character model. This series really is just chock full of real-world refrences and mythology parallels, just as you said! ☺

      Are you a YouTuber? What’s your video going to be about? (if you don’t mind me asking)


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