The Dynamic Duo Departs – Mugen no Juunin Immortal Ep 11 Review

This is a review of Blade of the Immortal or Mugen no Juunin episode eleven.

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This had to be, for me, the single most enjoyable episode of the entire series thus far. And sadly, just like that – the Magatsu-Manji arc is over. We didn’t even get to see their journey together, just little snippets of banter along the way. I would have loved to see just an entire episode (or two) of their travels together. Either the VA have a really good chemistry together, or Magatsu and Manji’s personalities just meld well.

For the most part, each person we have been shown throughout the series was interesting. They were well-written, despite what little screen time was devoted to their struggles. Mugen no Juunin writes completely whole characters.

Characters that feel like they had a life before coming on screen, and if still living after the encounter, a life after. If the person had family, their families continue on.

The world is full, it doesn’t stop or revolve around one sole entity. I enjoy that.

I wonder what Shira’s deal was, or if he really is still alive. He seems like the last cockroach on earth who could withstand anything. Much like Floch from Attack on Titan haha ☺.

I’m glad Manji explained why his hair turned the way it did. I thought it might be related to stress last episode, sort of in the vein of Shira pulling a Kaneki Ken. But no, it was much worse than that. The absolute lunatic shaved down his bone. Into a weapon. Shira shaved the literal bones in his body into a weapon. And somehow hasn’t died of infection yet. Or exposure.

Manji remarked Rin’s assessment of Shira was that he was of sound mind. I would have to question Rin’s logic. Especially since she has shaky morale and is currently collapsed on the ground groveling for life – as per the usual.

Oh look, Rin is lying face down in the dirt. Spectacular. Blade of the Immortal episode 11
Oh look, Rin is lying face down in the dirt. Spectacular.

So, Shira definitely has to be a sort of high functioning psychopath with a tendency for sexual dysfunction. He isn’t reckless, but rather painstakingly calculated in his actions. Shira waited to exact revenge on Manji. He put himself through hell just to inflict hell on someone else. He has murdered five prostitutes in order to engage in a sick fantasy.

Shira himself admitted to Magatsu that he isn’t a ‘monster’, and doesn’t do it every single time. That wouldn’t be feasible, and it would attract attention to himself. If the murders were spaced however – and he skipped town after committing the atrocities – he could live as we see him today.

What a nasty piece of work. I hope he is dead for good, but something tells me he isn’t. He’s either sharpening his other arm bone by the riverside in a daze, or some poor unfortunate soul passed by and decided to help him out.  Which would allow him to exploit their kindness until he gathered the strength to either betray them or leave.

Hopefully for that person, it would be the latter.                                                           

Man, I hope he’s dead. Unless a character in the anime chops his head off and watches the breath of life leave his body, I will assume he is alive. Because again, he is an absolute cockroach of a character.

Shira never dies, he is always present. The threat of his weak sauce revenge lingering in the distance.

Either way, this was a great episode. I wanted more of the dynamic duo, but alas we have to go back to Rin struggling to live. Rin, who wants to kill The Greatest Kagehisa so badly, but is saved by him. Rin, who was not strong enough to survive on her own just for, what – a week? Maybe two?

Supplies ready for the next journey. Blade of the Immortal episode 11.
Supplies ready for the next journey. Blade of the Immortal episode 11


What do you think about Kagehisa’s journey to Kaga? Do you like Rin as a character? Do you think we will get more of best girl Hyakurin’s story soon?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Mugen no Juunin episode reviews!

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