Yet You Understand Nothing – Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 14 Review

This is a review for Episode Fourteen of Attack on Titan Season 4, the Final Season. Titled “Savagery”.

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Zeke Yeager is the biggest clown in Attack on Titan series history. 

And that’s really saying something, since Connie is still around. 

Like I know Zeke is supposed to be uber smart, strategic and calculating, but I swear Mr. Big Brain misses so many little, obvious things. Maybe it’s because he is not on the same plane as us mere mortals, but the arrogance of his character is seriously astounding to me at times. 

Did Zeke seriously think Levi wouldn’t kill his comrades who had been turned into titans? Especially considering just how many of their own they unwittingly murdered before they knew the truth?  

(Although, you could see he was really torn up about it. In one shot, it even looks like Levi was on the verge of tears.) 

Levi even says as much during the episode, and Zeke really thought he took out the Ackerman that strikes fear into his heart just like that. 

What an absolute clown. 

Though in the end, it all balances out. 

After all, Zeke is rushing to his beloved baby brother, who is just dying to see him… 


Moving on, I noticed a few new scenes for the anime adaptation.  

Unless my memory is failing me, there was an extra scene with Falco in the carriage mentioning it felt like electricity ran throughout his body. I think they lingered longer on the Garrison and other troops that had been affected, as well.  

Falco wakes up to feeling electricity throughout his body. Shingeki no Kyojin manga ch 113
Falco wakes up to feeling electricity throughout his body. Shingeki no Kyojin manga ch 113

Edit: My memory is failing me, haha. I guess I forgot about this for some reason. 

Speaking of failed memories, I think seeing the Armin – Eren fight animated is making me suffer from “it was better in the manga” syndrome. I don’t know what it was – but I just enjoyed it more in my head.  

I think too what bothers me is that with each episode, it becomes more apparent that MAPPA has their favorites.  

Please don’t perceive this as me ‘hating’ on the animation studio, because I’m not. In all honestly, I actually prefer MAPPA’s art style to Wit’s for this final season.  

(It is much more mature, the character designs look better, and the environments are amazing.) 

You cannot tell me that the difference and attention to detail in Armin, Mikasa, the Survey Corps and literally everyone else is not better than when Eren is drawn. 

MAPPA uses the wrong Eren character model during the flashback scene with Yelena in Episode 10. Attack on Titan the Final Season
MAPPA uses the wrong Eren character model during the flashback scene with Yelena in Episode 10. Attack on Titan the Final Season

Eren is either a literal cardboard cutout, still animation frame, or just plain wonky looking. 

I don’t know who at MAPPA’s studio hates Eren Yeager so much, but they seriously need to get it together. Yes, I am an Eren supporter and a staunch Yeagerist, but this is not my personal bias talking.  

The animation for Eren’s character has been inconsistent since the declaration of war in Marley, and it’s only gotten worse from there. I’ve been ignoring it, thinking it was just my imagination or ingrained biased – but now I’m confident enough to say that it’s not. 

From my recollection, Wit Studio never did things like that. Or if they did, I never noticed as the AoT story was much more…’neutral’ then than it is now. 

And this is not to compare studios based on merit. I just feel the need to express that I have nothing against the studios or animators.  

People nowadays take things too far online.  

To the point where valid criticism of a show or series cannot be voices without it being perceived as a personal attack against the creator, artists, or anybody who doesn’t like what is being said.  

It getting kind of ridiculous, honestly. 

I can almost hear somebody breathing heavily while typing #ThankYouMappa on Twitter. 


(Please don’t leave me a dissertation on how the animation industry underpays Japanese artists, and that I should be ‘grateful’ for ‘whatever we get’.  

I’m already well-aware of those societal issues. 

Pretty sure the animators at MAPPA are getting paid the same for both Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen, and one has had superior animation throughout its entire series run.  

Another one hasn’t – can you guess which one?) 

I know some of you may not like hearing me say that. But it was strangely unsatisfying to watch Armin animated beautifully while Eren looked like a wooden plank. 

I mean sure things have changes, but the guy still has emotions. He’s not a stone-faced brick with a bun. 

[Did MAPPA spend more of their budget on Jujutsu Kaisen than Attack on Titan, despite the latter series being more popular?] 

Eren’s animation was almost as unsatisfying as the music that played during the Levi and Zeke confrontation in the Forest of Giant Trees.  

Was that a new OST? I mean I guess it could fit but…I just wasn’t expecting it? The music wasn’t necessarily out of place, but the mood could have been set, or enhanced…differently? 

This is just my opinion, though. 

Overall, a pretty solid episode, I guess. 

Again, (some) this is just my manga-reader syndrome kicking in. 

I do wonder why they changed around the line from Eren where he mentions being free, and specifically mentions a disdain for cattle.  

In the manga, it was much clearer that Eren mentioned he hates “anybody who isn’t free”, that, or “cattle”.  

Which is a direct link to something that happens later on in the series. Or technically, something that has already happened before… 

Oh well. I should stop nitpicking.  

Is Eren Yeager supposed to be angry here? Attack on Titan S4 episode 14
Is Eren Yeager supposed to be angry here? Attack on Titan S4 episode 14

I just got to see Zeke blown to pieces and exist within an inch of his life. We’ve got to take these small victories in stride…right? 

Do you think Eren really hates Mikasa? Or find it strange that despite being the strongest titan, Armin was weak against Eren in a fist fight?  

Is Zeke Yeager a clown, or does he have a savior complex and hate his own race of Eldians?

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