A Tragic Festival – Summertime Render Ep 5 Review

As tragedy at the summer festival comes to pass, Shinpei must now try to outwit the shadows on a quicker timeline. Reviewing Episode 5 of Summertime Render.

Note: Due to the restrictive release schedule and rights surrounding this anime, this will be my last episode review until the series finishes! Thank you all for reading along each week ☺

Episode 5 

Man…what on earth was that episode? 

Are there two investigators? Or was a different investigator (Minakata Hizuru) on the ferry, and this is the agent named Nagumo Ryuunosuke that was supposed to arrive to the island later on? 

The mysterious investigator known as Minakata Hizuru and/or Nagumo Ryuunosuke
The mysterious investigator known as Minakata Hizuru and/or Nagumo Ryuunosuke

How much does Sou’s father Dr. Hishigata actually know about the ‘mother’ shadow entity, and why is he withholding that information from the general public?  

I think aside from Dr. Hishigata, the special agent Minakata Hizuru, the hunter Nezu, and Shinpei – everybody else on the island is relatively in the dark regarding the truth of the shadow sickness. 

I wonder what message the agent left that she didn’t believe? It showed bubbles from the ocean during her statement, similar to the last episode where the ocean was repeatedly shown. I keep thinking maybe it’s a subtle reference to the aquatic god that is supposed to protect the shrine, and for whom it is named. 

Then there is the continued talk of the 2D, 3D, and 4D realms as well as the tv set in the Kobayakawa living room projecting 3D images, as well as Summertime Render’s ending theme showing live-action footage of an island with a rotoscoping effect over it. 

Do you think the agent lady Hizuru has an ability similar to premonition? 

What happens when the ‘demon king’ cuts the power and returns the eye to mother? 

And…what on earth is going on with Ushio?  

I slowed the frames before she punched the ‘demon king’ out and…Ushio definitely came out of the shadows in a formless blob similar to the shadows we’ve witnessed who have stolen bodies. Also as Shinpei’s shadow stated, her broken arm healed very quickly. Not to mention she punched Shinpei at the festival, seemingly having the same strength Mio’s shadow does. 

I don’t know what to think about that character, yet. Especially since Ushio’s spirit seemingly latched onto Shinpei while he was traveling through time and is now active on the day of Ushio’s funeral. 

And what is Tokiko’s role in all of this? That line about “not dirtying her hands for this (massacre)” is really off-putting. 

Curiouser and Curiouser said Alice… 

(I mean…I guess on to episode 6, now?) 

The shadow entities completely consume the small island of Hitogashima during the summer festival
The shadow entities completely consume the small island of Hitogashima during the summer festival

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