Why Do They Quarrel? – Mugen no Juunin Immortal Ep 23 Review

This is a review of Blade of the Immortal or Mugen no Juunin episode twenty-three.

Check out last week’s episode twenty-two review here.

Should I be laughing yet?

I’m laughing right now. That’s bad to admit. It’s even worse to admit that last week I thought I had it all figured out.

I thought I finally understood this show. Its characters. Their motives.

I totally thought I knew. Turns out – I knew nothing at all.

Here we are again, back to where I strongly feel like I’m missing something. As if I haven’t been watching these episodes in succession.

“There goes another character that randomly appeared where I feel like I should recognize them, but don’t.”

Or, then there’s Rin and her nonsense.

I think I’m going to start recommending the manga for Blade of the Immortal because we are missing some context here.

Habaki’s bastard daughter was found by Hyakurin and Giichi sometime around last episode, yes?

So why is her hand bleeding? Why is she wandering through the snow half naked off to see her father? Did I…miss something here? I don’t think Hyakurin and Giichi are bad people. I mean…did I miss something here?

Giichi told Hyakurin to have that baby. So if he said he would take responsibility and raise it with her, why on earth does Giichi keep putting himself in mortal peril every chance he gets? And why was he even fighting Makie?

“The Mugai-ryu and Itto-ryu are enemies!”


Weren’t you introduced wanting to save up money to distance yourself from that organization? Didn’t you attempt to buy Hyakurin’s freedom? Weren’t you discharged from the Mugai-ryu from Lord Habaki himself?

Hyakurin helped Rin save Manji from Habaki’s twisted experiments. I thought both factions were…essentially cool?

I mean, if that’s not the case then why did Manji save Makie?

And who on earth was shooting arrows at both factions anyway?

Did anyone ever explain why Makie was fighting until she said so herself?

“You are all no longer a threat to (The Greatest) Anotsu Kagehisa”

Huh? Is that who you were fighting for? I thought you two were done. Then, what was that about having a child and crossing the sea. Was that the only reason the Itto-ryu wanted to skip town? So Kagehisa could have a child, teach them their ways, and then decide to cause more chaos and die?

And what happened to those recruits who were supposed to be “thinned out”? Did they all die in the mountains?

I mean…I can’t be that off watching this each week, can I?

The show is ending, and yet again I have no clue what the hell is going on.

Also, Did Habaki dislocate his daughter’s shoulder in an attempt to stop her from interfering? Was there no other way than inflicting more pain on the half-naked, bleeding, badly bruised naïve girl? I mean seriously, why is she half naked? Did Hyakurin steal her clothes? Does no one care about hypothermia anymore?

What is happening?

I guess this is why I’m laughing. I’m enjoying the storyline convergence, but the details are far too foggy to fully immerse myself. Not to mention, Manji putting on that ridiculous arm from the foreign giant. I couldn’t take that scene of him staring off into the distance stoically with Rin over his shoulder, and that beefy street fighter arm in the foreground seriously.

I’m sure it was supposed to be powerful, but it failed to move me.

Oh well.

Finale is next week. Who’s excited?

As I mentioned I think last review, I accidentally spoiled myself and now know how the story ends. I’m not entirely sure how we’ll get there by next week, but I’m sure the anime will find a way. Whether it be through montages, randomly placed still images, or just straight up disjointed jump cuts galore.

Either way, it has been an enjoyable show to watch.

This feels familiar. Like I've seen it somewhere before...Blade of the Immortal Episode 23
This feels familiar. Like I’ve seen it somewhere before…Blade of the Immortal Episode 23

Who are you rooting for in the end? What would you have liked to see fleshed out more in regards to the plot? Who were all of those fodder characters?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Mugen no Juunin episode reviews!

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