Calling to the Past – Tokyo Revengers Ep 4-5 Review

This is a review for Episode four and five of the Tokyo卍Revengers anime.

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Hmm, okay so I can see how Mikey went off the rails after Draken’s untimely death.  

Draken is Mikey’s moral compass, after all. 

So if the two lads have such a strong friendship and bond, do you think a survivor from the biker gang incident lied on them? Someone like say…Kisaki? 

He took advantage of, and manipulated Mikey’s inability to read emotional situations or moods correctly, and eventually drove him into hiding in the present? 

I’ve got to say…I wasn’t expecting themes so heavy in Tokyo Revengers. Especially since it’s a Shonen anime.  


This may sound completely bitter, but I don’t want to get my hopes up too much on the series going full-on depression and realism. I did that with Attack on Titan, and we all know how that ended


But don’t mind me, haha. I just seem to have Shonen genre trust issues now. 

I was almost heartbroken about the Akkun reveal, though. 

Why on earth would he push Takemitchy onto the train tracks? And why would the first think his mind jumps to be a time travel pact between he and Tachibana Naoto? 

If Akkun hasn’t seen Mikey in years, and he’s deathly afraid of Kisaki…I’m guessing Kisaki somehow ordered him to do it? And mentioned time travel?  

So when Takemitchy showed up with Cop Naoto, he put two and two together, gave him a gem to follow in the past, and killed himself in that timeline to suffer no repercussions from Kisaski. 

Akkun almost seemed jealous at the thought of Takemitchy time traveling just to save Mikey. 


In the last timeline, Akkun does time for stabbing that trashbag Kiyomizu…who wasn’t even a member of Toman, apparently. Then in this timeline, Akkun’s a high-ranking member of Toman with everything in the world but happiness.  

I don’t know the full situation yet, but I really feel bad for the guy. 

Why did Akkun push Takemichi on that fateful day?  

If he hadn’t have tried to kill him, we never would have gotten this story.  

Or…maybe that’s the point. 

What do you think? 

Mikey and Draken need each other to keep Toman balanced. Tokyo Revengers Ep 5
Mikey and Draken need each other to keep Toman balanced. Tokyo Revengers Ep 5

Do you think Hinata will ever realize Takemichi can time travel?  

(Especially since he is a completely different person when he comes back.) 

What was that exchange between Emma and Takemitchy?  

Was his old self using her to try and become more experienced, as she admitted to Takemitchy’s (somewhat) older self in his middle school body? 

(Hinata said (past) Takemitchy was cold to her…maybe he thought they weren’t dating anymore? Or, was past Takemitchy jealous of the man everyone around him was claiming him to be?) 

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